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Hawk’s Legend showcases my novels that are free to read as well as my novels for sale on Amazon/ Kindle. Some of the free novels are second draft and roughly edited, some are older books but still well received by fans and new visitors to the site. There are also free wallpapers to download and other free stuff for computers that have been tried and tested to be free from malware and viruses. Please enjoy and feel free to drop the author an email with any questions about any of his books or this site. Just click on the page links to the right for what you’re looking for. Thanks: R T. The free books are mostly available in .prc/ Kindle, .epub/Nook, or .pdf/ most electronic readers with Adobe Reader installed. To download simply click on the preferred icon for the format of your choice. (NOTE: .pdf works on just about any electronic reader)
The legal stuff. The material on this site may not be reproduced in any form to use as "For Profit". This includes all forms of charitable work. “You must have the author’s written consent!” The novels & stories on this site are all copyrighted and are protected under the copyrighted acts, laws of all countries governed by such laws. Violations of these laws will be prosecuted to the full extent of said laws. These works MAY NOT be used on any other web site(s), unless you have the author's written consent! Unauthorized posting on any other web site will be deemed as "theft" and will be treated as such. The purpose of this site is to allow visitors to read, print and/or download one (1) copy to read. If you wish to pass along this site’s web address so others may read the novel(s) please do so. Reproducing for other than which is intended, in whole or part is prohibited with the exception of ONE COPY per visitor for their own PERSONAL use. One copy may be printed for personal use only. The author maintains full rights and control to all of the character(s), plot(s), story line(s) mentioned or not mentioned within these conditions. Use of material from this site or novels on this site for any monetary purposes is strictly forbidden! Use of this material for any other purpose without consent is forbidden! For usages other than described on this site please contact the author using the e-mail link elsewhere on this page. Free or trialware software falls under the manufacturer’s restrictions.
You can also find links to free computer software and other electronic media that is safe from malware and viruses. Some software may be trialware (programs that let you try for free before you have to buy it.) However I try to keep mostly free software listed. Some software that is free usually has links to ‘donate’ and I would encourage you to do so if you like the software. This is what keeps these independent programmers going. There are also links to other free novel sites that I’ve known for years and they keep their downloads free of malware as well.
Free "Kindle" Software (for many devices) PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Android Phone download from Amazon for free.
Link to the "free" latest version of Adobe Reader.