My Name is Robert Turnbull and I am a story teller.
I've started writing for a hobby since my mid twenties, out of frustration of the lack of what I was interested in. Of course that soon waned as life took over and time was used elsewhere.

   Then came the computer age and word processors, not to mention retirement. Being a borderline dyslexic a word processor is the best and the worse of both worlds. When I wrote by hand I had learned to control the transposing of letters and even the occasional word(s) so  needless to say "Word" makes this helpful pointing out when my problem rears it's ugly head.
Unfortunately I have watched 'Word" change an entire word I had not used.
   Probably my biggest problems are I've had no professional typing and started as a 'hunt & peck' writer. The other is my fingers cannot keep up with my mind, which usually is running about a half to a full sentence ahead of my slow fingers.

   Once I began to copyright my works and created this web site to post my various length works, I began to get a lot of great input from my readers and fans that over the last few years have influenced my writing. Some wanted a bit more romance, some thought my writing needed to be a bit more 'real' but most enjoyed the characters I created and the worlds that surrounded them.
Some of the works have more graphic language, violence, etc. but in the long run it's the way I write.

   Why do I write in the format I do? That has been one of the most asked question. To be honest one of the things that bothered me most when I used to read several books a week, was the fact that text was always crammed together so the publishers could save on paper. This meant reading while tired, for me at least, meant lines seemed to blur together. Now in the age of electronic writing, saving paper is no longer a critical necessary. I realized this in my first novel "Hawk's Legend" and decided to forgo the standard format I disliked so much and went with basically the formatting I use today. Of course it has changed a little, but the principal is the same.
My readers have commented on the formatting and a strange thing happened, the majority like the change. Many have commented it's easier to read on commutes to and from work, reading while tired and many have written to tell my once they got used to it, they actually preferred it.

   There are always the detractors complaining about the lack of formal editing, typos, etc. and as readers they have such a right. I would like to defend my fellow amateur writers and myself by adding we write for the love of it and even 'hack' editors charge upward of $1000.00 a book, with better editors charging upward of $2000.00 a book.
Add in time, cost of software, computer and other misc costs, I forgo the editors. Most readers want free to mean free, so my site runs on 'donations' which people rarely care to take the time to donate, so add in the costs of maintaining a web site and hopefully you will be able to see why many 'free' novels do not use professional editors. Nor do we make money. Perchance someday most of us would like to see our works on the screen, but we don't hold our breath.

   Briefly; I write, build my own computers and love a good video game. Over the years I've gone from reading to watching videos, movines and TV. I have a rather large DVD collection and found even in the world of video media, it seem so rare that someone isn't repeating something already done or reworking old titles. That's another reason I began to write again, I wanted to put some new fresh stories out there and I'm happy there are so many of you that enjoy my works.

   E-mail; I average a couple dozen a week and try to answer all personally (so forgive me if a reply takes several days) and occasionally when updating this site, I may add one of them to the 'comments' page. (unless they ask not to be posted) I do keep personal info out of the posts unless the writers state they don't mind.
I like to hear from my readers whether good or bad as it gives me (as well as other writers) a yardstick to gauge how I'm are doing. I have a large fan base and at this point in time it seems to be growing by the judge of email asking when my next novel will be out, what it will be about, etc.
I've had so many good comments on loving the novels containing short stories, that I did several more. I understand they are good to read on commutes. I found I enjoyed writing short stories as I have so many ideas running around in my head for upcoming books. The problem with 'shorts' and novellas, is it is hard to compress everything I see in my mind into so few pages & chapters.

   I hope this give you all some insight as to the author's point of view, but mostly I hope you will continue to enjoy the outpouring from the mind of this writer.
   Thanks for dropping by and enjoy!