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   Welcome to the Computer pages, information for those looking for good software*, links and other things computer/ web related.
Note: For those beginning or new to "on line" service, you MUST have a good antivirus and firewall to protect you and your computer. You also need at least one good "Malware" program. In  my "Quick Links" I've recommended several for you to choose from.... Please be a responsible webizen and stop viruses and malware by using and keeping security software up to date and running it on automatic and/or doing manual scans often..... Thanks: Hawk.

   These sites are for internet speed tests. (free to use)
   This will let you see if you are getting the high speed connection you are paying for.
   Remember to try at different times (as some nodes get overloaded) and try different cities as they may have various reasons to be slower then normal as well.
   These are probably some of the best testing sites on the web and are the easiest ones to use.

   Quick links page offers links to mostly free software for those on a limited budget. There is some trialware, but all links that are free are indicated by " FREE " near the logo.
   Some ask for doantions, but that is left up to you. You do not have to donate to use the software. All software on this site is safe from viruses and malware.

   There is a free 'Office' like package, free anti-virus sites (that rate fairly good, but not as good as AV programs like Norton & McAfee)
Links to software that are the primarily used software on the web, like Winzip and free Winzip like programs all are from the actual providers (not some site that will fill your PC with spam or malware)

   Check them out and if you can afford it, donate. (That's the way most of these programmers stay afloat.


   Tired of Telemarketers calling? Below are the phone number and web address of the "National Do Not Call" List.

1-888-382-1222 (takes about 5 minutes)    Either way once registered, it will take about 31 days befor it becomes effective.... After 31 days, report any violations to either contact listed above.

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