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   Over the years I've used many software products that I use and trust.
This page is mainly for those that want a software recommendation     I've had several requests to just make a page with links, so they can just go and click on the products site for more information or to use as a "Come back to" page in case they lose the link.  


   I will repeat my statement on the front page.....
I do not accept any compensation in any way from any one associated with these products!
   I recommend the software on this page because I use or have used it and have found it to be stable, accomplish what it professes to do and has good tech & customer support. I ask if any one has any problems with anything listed on this site, please drop me an e-mail, let me know what the problem(s) are so I may check into it myself and through my resources.

   (Just click on the image to go to the manufacturers main web site.)
Spybot Search & Destroy: Protect your self with this free anti-malware software.
Spybot Constantly searches for new dangers, so PLEASE! If you can afford it, make a donation.
BelArc Advisor: Reads all the hardware & software on your PC, versions, updates, and lists it all so you can print out a record or give any tech support the info they ask you for.
Free (asks for donation)
Trial, then buy
WinPatrol: Find out what's running on your PC and shut it down. Paid version has links to the web site for complete explanations of each file and what it does. Free life time upgrades on paid version.
Free & paid versions. (I recommend the paid version)
In no specific order, here are my recommendations.

  Buy (Free trial)

WinZip: The most common file zipping program out there.
                   File compression is set by WinZips standards.

Buy (free trial)

Rollback Rx: Image your hard drive so in case of a bad installation, virus, etc. you can just revert PC back to the way it was the last time you made an image 
    (saved me several times)
Paid version only
NIS or Norton Internet Security:
NIS has it's good points and bad, but is still one of the best suites out there and it's Anti-Virus is still the best.
Suite consists of Anti-virus, Firewall, Anti-spam for your browser, more....
Adobe: If you surf the web you'll need the "FREE" versions of "Flash", Shockwave Player"  and "Adobe Reader".  Adobe Acrobat is the main standard for all .pdf files on the web. 
"Reader" allows you to download and open these documents.
Reader, Flash & Shockwave are FREE.
N-Vidia: For those that have N-Vidia video cards, this is the driver page for the latest in all of those cards.

   Open Office is a FREE Suite that gives suites from Corel or MS a run for their money.
It has a word processor, graphic program, data base, etc.
   I haven't used it but know many that have and swear by it... It's free so check it out before you spend big bucks on other suites.

Many web sites use Java. To get the latest free version, here's the link
   Zip it fast Pro is a free Zipping program that is compatible with other zipping software formats like Winzip.
   I have not used this software, but those that did liked it because it's free. It isn't as complete as Winzip, but those on a limited budget,should find this meets their needs.
 free web spell checker addon to Internet Explorer (works with the latest version)
Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 98
   DesktopOK is a great way to save and restore your desktop icons positions in this easy to use utility.
Perfect Disk by Raxco:    Defrag your hard drive safe, efficiently.

ShellFolderFix for Windows 7.  by Author: George Fischer

   Here's a fantastic little program that allows you to set your folders and remembers:
* Folder desktop position.
* Folder view settings: icon size, detail, list, etc.
* Folder size.
   To top it all of, if you regularly work with the same folders open, "ShellFolderFix will remember all the folders you have open at the time of the save, all their settings, etc into one 'workspace'. The next time you need to open all those folders, just one click and they're all back just like you left them.
   Install instructions are included. I had ShellFolderFix up and running, set the way I wanted within five minutes or less.... This program actually works and it's free! 

Click on button to download, click "run" or "save" Remember what folder you save it to, then double click to install.