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  Imagine living in a world where 75% of the humans living in it, died and within seconds, before they could fall to the ground... They horribly changed forever.

  For those that survived...
   There was a sudden feeling of extreme heat, dizziness. Then, as fast as it came the strange feeling went. 
For six of the survivors, this new world was going to be a fight for survival.
Tom, a modern day farmer, Ron the mechanic and Wolf an ex vet and biker, struggle to survive in the mid west.
   While Sam, a SWAT Lt., Al the second mate of a cargo ship and Kim a vacationing Air Force pilot, fight for survival in the east.
All fight to stay alive as they cross the deadcounrty toward one destination...
   Follow the lives of six survivors of the zombie apocalypse as they struggle to reach their destination, "a message of hope" radioed from the Gulf of Mexico where mankind is trying to make a stand. 
   As they fight for survival they each meet allies who could be friends, or perhaps have a hidden agenda?
   A world consisting random of hordes of zombies, some numbering upwards of hundreds of thousands. Horror and danger abounds. 
   Slowly moving throughout the deadcounrty, the dauntless group of survivors struggle to stay alive by any means necessary. At every turn, they are prevented from reaching the destination they struggle to reach. 
   Along the way each finds that it's not just the millions of zombies they have to worry about in their journey to salvation, it's surviving in the deadcountry.
If they survive...what will they find at the end of their journey?
Will salvation still exist?

   Horror, sci-fi, action, romance, mystery & adventure.  
This horror thriller contains violence, adult situations and language.

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