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   Horror, sci-fi, action, romance, mystery & adventure.  
This horror thriller contains violence, adult situations and language.

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  "The Deadcountry Chronicles II."

The continuing saga of human kind's struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse as the world they knew slowly crumbles all around them.
All struggling to survive, the small bands of survivors from California and Nevada try to reach a distant lodge in Montana that was mentioned in a broken radio transmission...and avoid the small town full of the undead that awaits below.

An archer, A BMX competitor, a teacher, and her 'bad boy' student, head out into the deadcountry in hopes of finding a safe haven... What they find instead becomes an incredible fight for survival.
Dangerous threats face them every step of the way and the safe haven they struggled so hard to reach, may not be at all what they expected.
Stumbling across strange men with questionable pasts...could save them...or be their end.

If they survive...what will they find at the end of their journey?
Will salvation still exist?