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   Horror, sci-fi, action, romance, mystery & adventure.  
This horror thriller contains violence, adult situations and language.

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  "The Deadcountry Chronicles III."

   The continuing saga of mankind's struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse. As the world they knew begins to crumble all around them and technology slowly disintegrates, Wolf, Lee, Fox and Ron, seek answers in the deadcountry.
   Now five years after the apocalypse the guys head once more into the deadcountry to track down rumors of a group of survivors living in the old SAC headquarters in Nebraska.
   Little could they know this small first step will lead them into a series of events that could lead them to the answers that humankind has been asking...what happened?

   Will they find answers at the end of their journey and if they do, will the answers be something they want to hear? Challenging journeys and ever present danger throw the men onto a strange new adventure, this time it could be their last.

   Unexpected answers, character updates and a few twists, will be revealed in this final book of the ‘The Deadcountry Chronicles’ trilogy.