Empires of the Dinosaurs
- Phase Two -

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Horror, sci-fi, action, romance, mystery, & adventure. This horror thriller contains violence, adult situations, and language.


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  "Empires of the Dinosaurs."

   The continuing saga of Empires of the Dinosaurs:

   Dinosaurs now roam 'our' modern day Earth, jungles and swamps are scattered throughout our drastically changed world. Deadly creatures lurk everywhere as your favorite survivors from 'Empires of the Dinosaurs' struggle to survive in this new and fearsome world and a host of new characters are introduced into the mix and a deadly virus plagues humankind.
   Tossed into the mix are a variety of humans from various parts of the country that suddenly find the world they knew no longer exists, and this new and fearsome new world that is now their new home. Jungles and swamps appeared where once plains and towns stood.
   Strange allies are formed and deadly encounters become daily occurrences as the groups struggle to survive. The danger is not just from the deadly creatures that now inhabit their world, but from other humans as well.
   All culminates in a deadly clash that could change mankind's fate…and the fall of what little civilization is left after the arrival of 'Phase Two'.
   Some live, some die, new characters are introduced in this horrific new world. An unexpected character shows up with what could be the salvation of mankind…or the beginning of the end.