Empires of the Dinosaurs

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Horror, sci-fi, action, romance, mystery, & adventure. This horror thriller contains violence, adult situations, and language.


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  "Empires of the Dinosaurs."

     A plane reported to be carrying at least a million in gold goes down. A billionaire, and his crew set sail in his yacht to go find the aircraft...and treasure. 
What they find instead is terrifying.
     JJ and Tom were Navy Seals and now hired by billionaire Jason Woolsey to run his crew and his multi-million dollar yacht.
Trying to find the crash and the treasure it holds, they instead find themselves in an archipelago of horror and death. 
Filled with dinosaurs and danger at every turn, they struggle with the beasts in the air, sea, and land to solve the riddles they keep stumbling upon. Unanswered questions and snapping jaws, turn out to be a couple of the many problems they encounter in their quest to find a way home.
   Danger, romance, mind boggling sights, and death, await the crew of the Sea Dragon as they try to discover where and what they've stumbled into. The more difficult question…how to get out of a world filled with creatures that shouldn't exist.

   Islands of dinosaurs, dinosaurs of all sizes, of all ages and eras. Now the humans suddenly find they are no longer at the top of the food chain. Staying alive is job one, but as they start to seek a way home, they are faced with an enigma. Strange facts begin to rear their ugly heads as the newcomers must not only survive, but survive long enough to solve the puzzle so they can return home…if returning home is even an option.
   Action, adventure, romance, horror, and adult language/situations, run the breadth of this thrilling novel.