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Hawk's Anthology of Science Fiction, Vol #1.

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Science fiction with twists at the end has always been some of my favorite kind stories. A fan of 'Outer Limits' and 'Twilight Zone', I loved the way the endings always made you think, smile, or pause to wonder.
The following stories are written in hopes of giving you a good story, an ending that will give you a one of those ah-ha moments or a pause to ponder if you would have done it differently. From the light to the dark side of sci-fi, I tried to give everyone a story that falls into their genre and perhaps find something new to like.

Sarge: A Sergeant and his pretty comrade stand between two races bent upon destroying each other. One last attack before he retires, one last heroic stand, one last twist of fate.

Psych: A night poker game, a dark mansion, and a newcomer with an unbelievable tale.

The Beast of Thunder Valley: Toward the end of the Civil War a not so famous Lieutenant leads a hunt for a confederate mounted regiment but runs into something neither side had figured on finding…or now, them being found.
Zombie Proof Island: A handsome helicopter pilot, a beautiful woman, and a rich industrial mogul, all end up on his private island during the first months of the zombie apocalypse. The pilot has his suspicions from the start that something is amiss, which leads to a flight for his life and a twist at the end.

If You Could See What I See: A woman with an unusual way of making two wealthy doctors rich as they find out this woman is more that she seems.
Spooky: A rookie combat troop on a dangerous mission finds that not only are things not the way they seem, but can get out-and-out spooky.
Myrlin: What mythology doesn't tell you about Merlin?
Showdown at Devil's Diner: A mysterious gunman, a hidden town with a secret, a beautiful woman with a strange request, and an unusual twist to save humanity.
God Lives at 619 Maple Ave.: What if a man had god-like powers could he face the god-like decisions? Even an interview with God can go sideways.