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Hawk's Legend

Robert Hawk started out to prepare his cabin for a family vacation, what he found instead would be a world forever changed. A world filled with mutants, raiders, and death. A world of survival and hopeless despair. 
   Into this world Hawk would be thrown, and would become a beacon of hope.

   Geared with technology unknown to man, and trained to be ready for anything, a problem arises Robert Hawk could never have the man himself capable of surviving the horrors of his own life, his own mind? Little could he dream he would become a stone cold killer, mutant hunter, and emotional wasteland that he would become? Only the gentleness of a select few women could reach into his increasingly cold heart...but could any of them truly save him?

   The creation of a new world, of a new way of life, is the driving force behind the legend. Lives, adventures, and loves that intertwine his life are the story. The horrors of a world gone mad, and dangers he has yet to face in this new uncharted world, all serve to create the man... The legend known as Hawk.

Sci-fi, action, romance, & adventure.
Contains violence, adult situations, and language.