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Jurassic Portal.

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Jack Porter was hired to lead a scientific expedition into the Amazon Jungle. Going by clues from old books written about prehistoric creatures on a hidden plateau, Jack's group arrives atop the stoney escarpment to find the base camp in shambles, only the professor and his friend 'Doc' has survived.
 Attacked by raptors and a tyrannasaurus rex, they struggle to survive long enough to figure out how these creatures can still exist.

   Struggling to find the secrets of the plateau, Jack and his men tumble into something completely unexpected and deadly...a portal that lands them in a world of savage dinosaurs, flying death from above, various races from alternative earths, and new and deadly creatures they  never knew existed.
    Faced with something he had never dealt with, Jack must now  ask the questions; can they survive...and if they can, will they ever return home to their reality?

Sci-fi, action, adventure, romance, adult language and situations, violence.
Cover 3-D Tyrannosaurus Rex created by
‘Paleo Artist’ Robert Fabiani Jr.' 
All T-rex graphic rights belong to Mister Fabrini.


   Sky Jones was nineteen and her life forced to be a woman before her time. Now skimming above the deadly primordial jungle below, she and her companion Dar were about to crash into the adventure of a lifetime, assuming that they survive. Soon to be faced with prehistoric beasts, some of which were unknown, new races of humanoids, and danger along every path through the jungles and swamps as they must struggle to find a way back to their home.

  Their home, Wheel 7, landed on Terra nearly four hundred years before, under unknown circumstances. Sky’s older brother Tom struggles with their father to send a rescue party and fails because they are too far from Wheel 7 to be rescued…but knows that he’ll never give up.
Into the unknown lands Sky and Dar travel as they are forced to search for a long way home because of the known dangers in the areas they had flown over. What they find is something completely unexpected and will forever change their lives…both for good and bad.


A twenty-three chapter bonus novella.

No clues or spoilers on this novella because at the end I sincerely hope that you will have one of those "Ohhhhh, now I get it!" moments.
Perhaps some will ‘get it’ even before the end…or did you ‘get’ it all?

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