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   Last Train to Pangea
  "Death by Dinosaur"

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Last Train to Pangea.
"Death by Dinosaur"

Wes and Red had a simple job to do, take an old reconditioned steam engine and train to Texas along with some wealthy passengers.
Where they ended up was quite unexpected, 200 million years in the past to a time where all the continents formed one giant land mass called Pangea.
Now fighting for their lives is a desperate struggle to survive long enough to find a way home, they run into more than just the deadly dinosaurs.
Now the rich owners, their security, and a couple of beautiful sisters, join best friends Wes and Red in a race to find a way home.
As they encounter strange dinosaurs that don’t belong there anymore than they, and find that they are not the only humans. Luckily they are found by a young teenager named Cassy who saves Wes’s life.
Adventure, action, romance, adult themes and language, violence.