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Agent Logan Ross Novels.
DNS agent Logan Ross once exiled from the country he loved, has been recalled to duty by the very man who exiled him. Now Logan, his ex-partner and the love of his life who turned her back on him years earlier, now face the task of finding a mole in the agency who may hold the key to the worlds fate....... An alienship's power orb known as Satan's Tear. Together they must navigate through a web of deceit, clues from the past to find the mole known as 'Raven' in hopes of saving mankind.
Sci-fi, action, romance, mystery & adventure.  
This espionage thriller contains violence, adult situations and language.

Copyright 2012

Satan's Mist.

Once again Logan Ross (Satan's Tear) is called upon to find the terrorists behind the massacre of 1.2 million American citizens. A deadly new manmade chemical virus is unleashed upon the United States as Logan and his new team, including a mysterious Chinese industrial espionage agent, must join forces to find the terrorists led by a rogue Chinese scientist and his brother.

One attack killed over one million people and the hate-filled, exiled Chinese scientist and creator of the virus, must be stopped before another attack falls upon the unsuspecting citizens of United States. They soon learn it is just not America the doctor wants to destroy, but both countries, and anyone else that gets in their way and their army of rogue agents.
During a frantic chase across America, the team learns not everyone can be trusted, nor all enemies be mistrusted.
New characters are introduced and twists abound in this deadly cat and mouse chase across the country to prevent another attack. This time Logan will discover something from his past, will save his future, and discover not all is as it seems.
In this second novel the appearance by the much requested, return of Logan Ross, is completed as action abounds, plots twist, and a sprawling cross country pursuit (similar to Satan's Mist) results in an unusual climax. Could this be the last Logan Ross novel?

Action, adventure, terrorism, romance, adult language and situations.

Copyright 2014
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