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The Zombie Slayer

    Waco was orphaned before he reached his teens by a pack of zombies. Since that day he swore that he'd kill every zombie he saw. He became a zombie slayer and his reputation proceeded him everywhere he went. 

   Waco never liked being around people, but now the ever lone wolf slayer found a small group of children and yound adults that have managed to survive after their parents vanished while working on a mysterious project.

     Trapped in the middle of the desert and urrounded by millions of zombies Waco now must figure out what the parents were up to...and try to survive.

   BONUS short story:

   Jim Cox was one of the best helicopter pilots around and now he's flying him new boss and billionaire over the ruins of what remains of mankind. Zombies are everywhere except on the private islands his boss is headed. From the first day he landed, Jim has to figure out what the greatest risk is...the zombies, or the island's residents. 

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