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   Valley of Lost Time
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Valley of Lost Time.

Survivors of a civilian cargo jumbo-jet filled with fifteen miners and four crew, find themselves in a strange, lush prehistoric world high in the Andes. Struggling to survive long enough to find a way home, the survivors are pursued by a huge T-rex and other deadly creatures. 
   During their journey they find answers to several legends that have echoed throughout the ages. Answers that perhaps, they did not want to know.
   In a desperate struggle to survive they begin to realize...many will not. And as it becomes a battle between modern man and ancient dinosaur, deadly choices must be made.

Science fiction, action, adventure, romance.
Adult language and situations.

Island of Lost Time.

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   Island of Lost Time

The survivors of the 'Valley of Lost Time' once again find adventure as they form an expedition to find an unknown island. Records in a century old Captain's log, have said to had found dinosaurs living on it.
The problem is, the sketchy report came from the Captain's log of missing ship 100 years earlier and a stranger tale of a mysterious man found at sea.
With little to go on the trio team up with Spider's handsome cousin to find what couldn't be found for a century or more, a phantom island.
What they do find makes them wish that perhaps they should have stayed home.
Action, adult language and situations, romance, adventure.