Worlds Apart. ©

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Copyright 2011

   Three stories in one book.




   A brave party of explorers look for an ancient race that predates the Inca, maybe even older. From dangerous temples and unexplored caverns they find more than they expected. Now if they can just get away from the underground labyrinth before it's too late.
                                         Sci-fi, romance, adventure. 

   A short story with a big ending. Someone put a big bomb near a small town bank. Now it's up to the local Sheriff and a writer to figure out why before the deadly deadline.
                                     Action, drama.

An unusual story of survival. When one must depend on one’s self, perhaps the ‘self’ might just be dangerous… or perhaps just be your best friend. 

   In a world where you are the only known human that is not infected and struggling to stay alive, there is always hope there might be others….if they don’t kill you first.
Vic thought he was the only survivor and for years lived alone, fighting against ‘them’.
Into his life come some unexpected guests and now all have to flee to the “wall” before it’s too late.
                             Sci-fi, romance, action, adventure.

CAUTION: This story contains adult language that may be offensive to some readers.

*   Re-edited/ additional content has been added to his novel.