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  Worlds Apart,
Vol 2.

   Three stories in one book.
Sci-fi, romance, action, adventure.

Fish Tank War.

Does God Sleep?

Titan Evolved.

   Air Force Captain Brad Yates volunteered for a secret mission, so secret nothing could be revealed, yet he patriotically volunteered. Now he's called to fulfill that mission and he's beginning to wonder if he made a good choice.
   The beginning leads to an unexpected end.
                                         Sci-fi, romance, adventure. 

   A short sci-fi story for you to wrap your mind around. 

   An invasion by a superior race, an entire state sealed off by a strange force field and now the survivors must not only fight to survive the horrors to come, but solve the strange events that just don't add up.
   Thrown into leading the human resistance, Sgt. Vince Mason fights for survival against what seem to be incredible odds. Struggling to find answers his path crosses with a beautiful TV reporter who's just as determined to save humanity as he. Together they face the alien horrors and twisting plot to an ending that may surprise you.

   This 'free' novel has only been 'roughly' edited. Please excuse any typos.