Worlds in Time

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Mesa 11.
Zak is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. Sadly he has no idea as to his identity, nor can he remember much of anything. Found by a scouting party from Mesa 11, he is taken back and the confusion begins. Little could anyone imagine that Zak could hold all the answers.
A zombie story with a twist.

Mister Olsen's Tomorrow.
Richard Olsen has never done anything in his life but make poor choices, gone nowhere, and accomplished little. Suddenly his life is turned upside down when he follows a strange creature into a mysterious portal. He finds himself trapped, but where...and when?

The command ship of a two spaceship exploration mission, goes back to answer a distress call from their second ship that dropped from warp. What they find is a desolate planet and the ruins of a once mighty civilization.
The well armed, rescue party is picked off one by one by unknown creatures. The rescuers now become the prey, and find something else they had not counted on... Puzzling questions and death!
Science fiction, adventure, action, romance horror.

Adult language and situations.

   Horror, sci-fi, action, romance, mystery, & adventure, zombies.  
This horror thriller contains violence, adult situations, and language.